NOTE: All completed Master's theses are available in electronic format from the Master Theses Database at the CSUCI's John Spoor Broome Library.

StudentThesis TitleYearAdvisor
Mr. Vijay Singh Low cost design to support health care needs of underserved populations: Using SMS and AI to engage at-risk populations 2017Prof. Brian Thoms
Mr. Dhruv Pandya Voyager: Identifying Ips from online clicks2017Prof. Michael Soltys
Mr. Tuan TranThe Experiments of Lossless Seed Filtration in Pattern Matching Problem2017Prof. Michael Soltys
Mr. Michael James KaiserAutonomous Drone Flight in Response to System Events 2017Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Kevin ScrivnorCI Rainbow: A Flexible WSN for Environmental Data 2017Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Ms. Hita GambheerDesign Safety Verification of Medical Device Models using Automata Theory2016Prof. Michael Soltys
Mr. Alan Jay WestImproving Optimization Capabilities of the Swarm Algorithm Through Augmenting Stigmergy with Other Means of Inter-Ant (Inter-Agent) Communication2016Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mrs. Sinu Bessy AbrahamMedicare Data Integration and Analytics using the Hadoop Platform2016Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Alvin Bruce LittleCustom Gesture Recognition Using 3D Motion Sensors and Hidden Markov Models2015Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Kevin SmithThe Sonification of Human Motion for Motor Learning2014Prof. David Claveau
Mr. Ray AlfanoReal-Time High-Fidelity Audio for Networked Music Performance2014Prof. Michael Berman
Mrs. Susan PortugalFPGA Pulse Monitor in a Laboratory Test Environment2014Prof. Bill Wolfe
Mrs. Deepa SanthanamWeb Analytycs Data Warehouse for Information Systems2013Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mrs. Atena Reyhani ShahrestaniBrain Computer Interfaces Emotional State Detection (EEG Pattern Recognition)2013Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Drew ClinkenbeardCloudSuite: Ad Hoc Laboratories Using Cloud Resources2013Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mrs. Supriya DwivediData Warehouse with XML Technology2012Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Daniel OjedaSplatterSpotter: Web-Based Roadkill Database Access and API2012Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Guadalupe OjedaSplatterSpotter: Intelligent Roadkill Reporting2012Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Ms. Allison Marie HendersonAutonomous Interoffice Delivery Robot (AIDeR) Environmental Cue Detection2012Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Ms. Hetalben PandyaCloud Computing: An Architectural Perspective2012Prof. William Wolfe
Mr. Douglas José HolmesFeasibility of the Application of Semantic Web Ontologies to Enhance Question Answering Systems in Practical Domains2012Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Ms. Bhanupreeti DaggupatiUnsupervised Duplicate Detection (UDD) Of Query Results from Multiple Web Databases2011Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Justin SteinAdapting Complex Image Processing Algorithms to Mobile Devices2011Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Michael WeingardenDeveloping Math Fluency With Math Drill Software for Classroom Response Systems2011Prof. William Wolfe
Ms. Chrystalla TryfonosWeb-based Image Search Refinement Via Feature Extraction And Ranking2010Prof. William Wolfe
Mr. Evan GlickA Remote System Update Mechanism (RSUM)2010Prof. William Wolfe
Mrs. Farrukh JabeenEye Tracking in Web Usability: What Users Really See2010Prof. William Wolfe
Mrs. Shylu RajakumarEmotions and User Interface Design Focused on Web Pages2010Prof. William Wolfe
Mr. Ludovic HildeArtificial Intelligence Software for the Autonomous Interoffice Delivery Robot2009Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Derek RodriguesAutonomous Interoffice Delivery Robot (AIDeR) Software Development of the Control Task2009Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Dustin Stevens-Baier
Flexible Artificial Intelligence API For Torque Game Engine2008Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Mr. Ryan Brown
Insuciency of Chemical Network Model Integration Using a High-Order Taylor Series Method2008Prof. William Wolfe
Mr. Hassine Letaief
Intrusion Detection System: Ideas from the Human Immune System2007Prof. AJ Bieszczad
Ms. Kathrine Macropol
Genetic Programming and Decision Trees Applied to Medical Data Mining2007Prof. William Wolfe
Mrs. Subha Krishnan
SEW: The Semantic Extensions to Wikipedia2007Prof. AJ Bieszczad