About the Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club is an official student club affiliated with Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) of CSUCI.

In our future careers, we have to work in teams that often bring together diverse expertise from many disciplines, and very often it is up to us, computer scientists, to tie everything up and unify it in a successful whole. It takes a skill to do that, and that skill can be acquired and polished through interactions with peers.

The main goals of the Computer Science Club are to build friendships, establish career contacts, educate ourselves and each other, and of course, have fun!

We plan to meet these goals by having many social and academic events throughout the year. From programming competitions to industry events / Q&A sessions, and even student lectures, our academic events will challenge and educate us beyond the standard curriculum. Social events, like our bowling or movie nights, provide us with great opportunities to get to know each other and have some fun. Of course we'll also have the occasional network gaming night for you to get your frag on!

If you need help with your coursework - or any other issue that you may face in your busy life - the Computer Science Club is a network that can help you find someone that can help. Get involved!

Please contact the Club Officers for more information.
Website: Computer Science Club

Be sure to get on the facebook group to be notified of future events!

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