2017 Programmers (Left to Right): Claudia Alamillo, Gevork Gevoian, Heather Bradfield, Dylan Hart, Alberto Venegas, Nick Dolan-Stern (co-Coach), Robert Aroutiounian, Colin Hinton, Stephen Berks, Chase Mcintyre, Michael Petracca, Crystian Marron, Luis Torres, Lex Collette, Edward Morkunas, Nicole Dubin. Photograph by Prof. Thoms (co-Coach).


On November 11th, the Department of Computer Science at CSU Channel Islands sent four teams to compete in the 2017 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest at Riverside Community College. The event consisted of 105 teams from in-and-around southern California and challenged students’ programming capabilities across a breadth of topics. This year’s top honors went to USC, who now have the chance to move on to the World Finals in Beijing.

Contest Rules

Teams were presented with ten problem descriptions, along with sample input and output for each problem and had five hours to solve as many problems. Solving a problem meant that the program, when compiled by the judges, and run against the judges' confidential data, produce the expected output. Teams were free to solve the problem with any algorithm that produced the results specified in the time allotted.

CI Results

Once again, CI computer science students can be proud of their performance. Each participating team managed to solve at least one challenging problem. This year, CI-v1.0 managed to solve five problems and broke into the Top 10. Below is a breakdown of the results. A complete listing of results can be found here:

  1. CI-v1.0 held top marks and finished in 10th place (up from 15th in 2016), answering five questions.
  2. CI-v4.0 finished in 40th place, answering two questions.
  3. CI-v5.0 finished in 56thplace, answering one question.
  4. CI-v2.0 finished in 74th place, answering one question.

CI Teams:


  • Dylan Hart
  • Heather Bradfield
  • Gevork Gevoian


  • Lex Collette
  • Nicole Dubin
  • Michael Petracca


  • Crystian Marron
  • Edward Morkunas
  • Luis Torres


  • Colin Hinton
  • Chase Mcintyre
  • Alberto Venegas


  • Claudia Alamillo
  • Robert Aroutiounian
  • Stephen Berks
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