Computer Science at Channel Islands:

  1. Challenges students to think critically and problem-solve by identifying, evaluating, analyzing and presenting fundamental software solutions and their applications.
  2. Introduces students to current computing practices and broad technology use in industry and society.
  3. Provides students with hands-on experiences using new technologies and industrial practices.
  4. Teaches students to develop communication, research and cooperation skills by working effectively with others in interdisciplinary group settings.
  5. Guides students into rewarding careers.

Top 10 (other) Reasons to Join 

  1. We are committed to student excellence!

  2. We balance academia and industry!

  3. Class sizes are small, so students get individual attention!

  4. We provide a balanced curriculum!

  5. We offer hands-on, project-based courses that include game development and robotics!

  6. Our campus is beautiful!

  7. We are located in safe and quiet Ventura County!

  8. We have excellent weather!

  9. We are located 5 miles from the beach!

  10. We are located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. You can hike straight from the campus!
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