The 2017 CS Programming GURU Contest was held on Friday, May 5th. The contest challenged students to work individually to solve 7 computer programs of varying degrees of difficulty. The competition software was modeled after the ACM’s International Intercollegiate Programming Contest with the slight modification that problems were designed by CI Computer Science faculty. The link to the problem set submitted by CI faculty can be found here: 2017 Guru Problem Set (PDF, 508KB) .

As with the ACM competition, students could solve these problems in the computer language of their choice, which this year included C, Java, C++ and Python. Individuals are also free to develop solutions using any algorithm that produced the results specified in the time allotted.

The contest featured thirteen students from Computer Science and Information Technology. In the end, the contest featured a changing of the guard for 2017, with Dylan Hart becoming the 2017 Programming GURU

The top three contestants are shown below:

2017 Guru Top 3

  1. First Place - Dylan Hart (center) 
  2. Second Place - Brandon Artner (right)
  3. Third Place – Gevork Gevoian (left)

Final Results

 2017 Guru Results

More photos can be found here:

Top three participants received Raspberry Pi micro-computers and all participants received pizza and drinks!

Congratulations to all who participated!

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