Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Computer Science program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills by identifying, evaluating, analyzing and presenting fundamental software solutions and their applications.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of current computing practices and broad technology use in industry and society, including a working knowledge of software development techniques.
  • Be cognizant of emerging new technologies and industrial practices connected to the computer industry
  • Demonstrate communication, research and cooperation skills by working effectively with others in interdisciplinary group settings - both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Demonstrate a sense of exploration that enables them to pursue rewarding careers in high-tech and bio-tech industries with life-learning

Current Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree at Channel Islands offers latest cutting edge education for various industrial and applied fields. The program will prepare students for careers in high-tech, computer and Internet driven industries, where interdisciplinary, dynamic and innovative professionals trained in latest technologies are increasingly sought. Students will be given a strong background in computer hardware and software, as well as a substantial amount of "hands-on" experience. The program will stress interdisciplinary applications in other sciences and business.

CSUCI Computer Science B.S. Degree Courses

CSUCI Computer Science B.S. Degree Chart(PDF)

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