Required: 24 Units


Robotics is a rapidly growing field that involves researchers and practitioners from a variety of fields. The robotics industry will be an important part of the economy and there will be a need for graduates with the right technical background. To help meet this growing need, the Computer Science Program at CSU Channel Islands offers a Minor in Robotics Engineering.

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with the skills needed for a variety of careers in the field of robotics. They will study the fundamentals of computer architecture, assembly language programming and computer operating systems. They will also study basic electronics and embedded systems. Following this foundation, students will take a course in mobile robotics where they will have the chance to assemble a mobile robot and program it to perform useful tasks. There are advanced courses in artificial intelligence and image processing that they can also choose to take. A major hands-on project must be completed as part of the capstone course.

Required Courses (21 units)

COMP 162 - Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (3) 
COMP 362 - Operating Systems (4) 
COMP 462 - Embedded Systems (3)
COMP 470 – Mobile Robotics (3) 
COMP 491 - Capstone Preparation (1) 
COMP 499 - Capstone Project (3)
PHYS 310 - Electronics (4)

Elective Courses (3 units)

Choose one course from:

COMP 445 - Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition (Cross-listed as PHYS 445, MATH 445) (3)
COMP 469 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3)
MATH 437 - Mathematics for Games, Simulations, and Robotics (3)


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