Required: 21 Units


Minor in Information Technology augments other programs with the knowledge and skills necessary for storing, managing, transporting, and securing information. Students learn how to securely store information in databases, integrate information from a variety of sources, move information over communication networks, and protect the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Lower Division Requirements

COMP 105 Computer Programming Introduction (3)
IT 151 Data Structures for IT (3)
IT 221 Unix System Programming I (3)

Upper Division Requirements

Choose 12 units from the following:
IT 380 Web Programming (3)
IT 400 eCommerce (3)
IT 401 Web Intelligence (3)
IT 402 Advanced Web Programming (3)
IT 420 Database Theory and Design (3)
IT 421 Unix System Programming II (3)
IT 424 Computer System Security (3)
IT 429 Computer Networks (3)
COMP 350 Software Engineering (3)

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