Required: 23 Units


The Computer Science minor teaches the fundamentals of computer systems and programming. This minor includes the fundamentals of computer programming, including design, implementation, and testing of object-oriented programs. It also teaches the basic architecture of the computer hardware, including the fundamental components of a computer system and the logical reasoning that it is based upon. Since these computer skills are extremely useful in most other disciplines, enhancing the students knowledge of technology no matter which major they have chosen.

Lower Division Requirements

COMP 105 Computer Programming Introduction (3)
COMP 150 Object Oriented Programming (4)
COMP 151 Data Structures and Program Design (4)
COMP 162 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (3)

Upper Division Requirements

Three upper-division courses from the CS program approved by the advisor (9). Please note that there might be other prerequisites for some electives.

CSUCI Minor in Computer Science Degree Chart(PDF)

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